Treasure Hunting by the Numbers

Statistically speaking, America is in a world of financial hurt. We mentioned some of these statistics on Sunday (you can listen here), but we wanted to summarize the stats and give you a numerical picture of how bad the situation really is:

  • Average American credit card debt = $7,073
  • Ignoring people with no credit card debt, the average increases to = $15,162
  • In total, American consumers owe: $846.2 billion in credit card debt.
  • In total, American consumers owe: $11.25 trillion in all types of debt.
  • This includes credit cards, mortgages, student loans, etc (source).
  • In total, as of June 3, 2012 the US outstanding national debt is $16.75 trillion (source).
  • Total personal and public debt in American is: $28 trillion.
  • Storage unit revenues for 2011 in America were $22.45 billion (source).
  • America is $28 trillion in debt and we own so much stuff that we spend an extra $22.45 billion for additional storage space over and above what our homes can handle.
  • “Financial issues are the primary reason for 90% of divorce cases I handle,” - John Thyden, prominent Washington, D.C., divorce attorney (source).
  • A study by the American Psychological Association in 2004 found that 73% of Americans listed money as the single largest cause of stress in their lives (source).

Fortunately, we are not left alone to deal with our stress. Financial wisdom is not neglected by the Bible, nor is it even a small Biblical topic.

  • Money is mentioned 2 times more than Heaven and Hell combined.
  • Money is mentioned 3 times more than love.
  • Money is mentioned 7 times more than prayer.
  • Money is mentioned in 17 of Jesus’ 38 parables.
  • 15% of Jesus’ recorded words are related to money.
  • 2,350 verses in the bible mention Money.

So let’s go treasure hunting. There is too much at stake, and Jesus has too much wisdom, freedom and life to give for us to ignore Him in our finances.

Sources: U.S. National Debt Clock, Natural Wellness, Good Housekeeping, National Christian Foundation of Indiana